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"If you don't know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly." - Walter White

Contempt,The Book

Set within the justice system in Nova Scotia, but relevant on a national scope, the upcoming book Contempt spans two continents and twenty years of lies, cover-ups, incompetence and malicious actions that dictate a vindictive culture in Canadian Family Court, devastating the very families it feigns to protect.

Everyone has a story or knows someone who has gone through hell in Family Court. I was inspired to tell my family’s story after being told time and again that my life should be made into a movie. Our story will evoke fury and shock at the disturbing details of the lengths officials in Nova Scotia have travelled to cover up their own errors and the measures that have been taken to attempt to silence us. 


The actions of the Province of Nova Scotia, and more specifically, Maintenance Enforcement, prevented me from working legally in my country of residence for several years (despite not even being in their program), so I used that time to teach myself the craft and write my book.


This story also shines a light on the human element of an institutionalized system that has forgotten the families and abandoned any semblance of common sense. It is dedicated, not only to my own family, but all the families in Canada who have a story that needs to be heard.


“Your silence gives consent.”  - Plato


We will not be silenced.

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